January 26, 2012

Weight Loss Resolution Update!

Well I am happy to announce that since starting Weight Watchers the hubby and I have lost nine pounds each! :) Woo hoo! As Chris likes to say, we've almost lost a whole Evie Bug between the two of us.

I have really noticed that the new points plus system works great for me! I don't know if it is because I have "more" points at 26 (still the minimum number) or what, but I have never had this much sucess on any program this quickly! One more pound I will be 1/3 of my way to losing 30 lbs and being back at my wedding weight! Ideally I would like to weigh about 115 lbs but that is like my "shoot for the moon" goal because I would be quite happy at 125!

  • I sprained my ankle. Suck. Right now we are giving it the mandatory 6-8 weeks waiting period before my doctor refers me to an orthopedic surgeon for an MRI to search for bone fragments or completely torn ligaments/tendons. Great.
  • I can't eat whole weat pasta or even Barilla Plus pasta. For some reason it is a major trigger for my Acid Reflux. Like a land me in the hospital in excruciating abdominal pain trigger. Like I'd take those 35 hours of unmedicated labor over that kind of pain, trigger. Since I crave warm comforting carbs it has been hard to stay away from the pastas. :(
  • I have a hard time saying no when I have random cravings! Like Pizza! And Pasta! And Fried Chicken!
  • I feel like this is really a overall change in lifestyle. I am not doing this because I have a wedding over my head or something else. I am not doing it becauce I want a different body or because I hate the way I look (although I sometimes want a different body -- what 5'0" tall girl doens't dream about having legs us to her ears). I am doing it because I don't want my daughter to grow up with over wieght parents. I have to set an example of what a healthy woman looks like! Notice i said healthy -- not super skinny or gross! Just healthy!
  • Seeing the numbers drop in the scale and feeling like I am getting my waistline back! I have a lot more energy now that I am eating healthily and drinking more water! :)
Progress So Far: