January 10, 2012

White Hot

Fury. White Hot Fury.

After Thursday's puke-a-thon I decided to take Evie to the doctor because the last time she was really sick the docs were worried about dehydration and she had an ear infection whose symptoms matched those that she experienced before she tossed her cookies.

Evie's pediatrician (who is amazing and wonderful) doesn't work on Fridays so we agreed to see a Dr. Jim Bob*.

Well aside from the fact that he had horrible jokes, one of which included referring to Evie as a "perfect Aryan baby" he ignored me when I told him I was pretty sure she had an ear infection and I had a very uneasy sense about him. I just wasn't comfortable. I should've trusted my gut and asked if anyone else was available, but I thought we were already there so we might as well give him a shot.

Once he admitted I was right about the ear infection, he asked me if amoxicillian was ok for her to take. I told him that our pediatrician said that she couldn't have Pennicillian until she was two because both my mother and I are deathly allergic (think anaphylaxis allergic) and that amoxi made her tummy hurt last time. He said he was going to give it to her anyway and if it made her sick to knock the dose back to 2.5 mLs. He was going to call it into our pharmacy. I told him we had a new one since Walgreens and our prescription drug insurance provider, ExpressScripts, decided not to play nice with each other and could he please call it in there. I requested that he also give me a paper copy just in case, which he did.

That prescription never got called in. Thank goodness I had a paper copy.

Needless to say the amoxi made Evie super sick (puking and diarrhea) even on the lower dose (stupid doctor, LISTEN to me; I am her MOTHER) and so yesterday I called and asked the nurse to switch it. She called back and said she would. I verified that I wanted it called into a different pharmacy than the one that was previously listed on my account and gave her the phone number. She assured me all would be well.

Imagine my shock when I reached the pharmacy counter last night to find that no prescription had been called in. To say I was pissed would be a huge huge understatement. I was livid. Furious. I literally couldn't speak a word to the pharmacy tech at Kroger I was so mad. It wasn't her fault but the momma bear in me was ROARING and I was about to unleash on someone (which would have been unfair to her), so I had to walk away with a very terse "I know it's not your fault."

I called the Walgreens that used to be our default pharmacy to see if it was accidentally called in there thinking I would just pay full price for it if I had to. The EXTREMELY rude tech, told me nothing had been called in.

At that point I had to call my mom to vent because I was about to start crying from frustration!

Due the incompetency of these people who are supposed to help care for my child, she was going to be sick one more day without anti-biotics, and the whole time they are not getting things right her ear is getting worse. I could tell it was really bothering her last night before bed because she kept pulling at her ears.

Today I called the nurses line and asked for our pediatrician's nurse to call me back (which she did and she fixed the whole problem because she is awesome) and that a note be placed in our file that we do not want to see Dr. Jim Bob ever again.

I understand it's a simple mistake; I can already hear people sighing at me #firstworldproblems, and I know an ear infection isn't life threatening. People will tell me, "things like this will happen". Here's the catch though. No. Not when my child is affected they don't. I have a long memory and I will do everything in my power to make sure that she gets whats she needs.

I am her advocate right now. She can't stand up and fight for herself, make her own decisions or switch doctors when one clearly ignores her requests; I have to do it for her. So the next time someone makes me uneasy, I am going to listen to my instincts and walk away.

*Name changed. Obvi.