February 27, 2012

11 Months Old: A Letter to My Stinker Winker

Dearest Darlingest Monkey Bug,

Wow baby cakes. Wow. Eleven months. How the heck did that happen? It is unbelievable. You are blowing our minds with all the new things that you have learned.

You talk now. You only really make one associative word and that is "Dada" and that is only sometimes. Your babble has taken on a really conversational cadence. You are trying to communicate and you understand the concept of a conversation. Sometimes a long string of babble will burst out of your mouth and you will look at me and wait for me to respond to you, then you will do it again. Othertimes you just prefer to blow raspberries at me or make single syllable sounds and wait for me to repeat them.

You continue to get into everything. You love the cats and dogs. It's a good thing they are all really patient because we are still working on how to pet them gently. Bathtime has now become splash time. Letting you loose amidst the water and bubbles is pretty much a promise that Mommy, Daddy and the bathroom will become soaked too, but it's so much fun.

Your personality is beginning to show more and more. You are a puzzle to me. You can be fiercely independent (Mom. Put me down right this second I want to crawl all around!) yet still very clingy (Mom! Pick me up and snuggle me right now! That dog looked at me funny!). You are, of course, beginning to show your stubborn streak but so far you are very good with listening to your daddy and me when we tell you no. Most of the time you will retract your hand from whatever it was that you were reaching for (a cord or electronic most likely) and crawl away to find something you are allowed to play with. You still don't understand that you are not allowed to touch our iPhones, but I am sure you will learn.

You found the first food that dislike. Mango. You make the most disgusted face every when you taste it. It is so good for you though so I smuggle it into your berry mixture. You continue to love green vegetables; and prefer an avocado to just about anything. I am so hoping that these healthy eating habits, that your father and I have worked so hard to establish, stick around through your toddler phase.

You have learned "bye-bye" and "uh-oh". You only say the "uh" part of uh-oh though and it is the cutest thing in the whole world! When you wave bye-bye you do it backwards which is hilarious. You've also started waving to strangers when they wave at you. However, you have a healthy dose of trepidation when it comes to people you've never met -- you are ok as long as your parents or grandparents are holding you. If a stranger tries to pick you up -- it's on like Donkey Kong.

You've also begun to get a little jealous! A few weekends ago Daddy was holding (your future husband) Leo, and Auntie Libba was holding you. When you started crying Auntie Libba thought you wanted momma but you only had eyes for your Daddy who was holding. that. other. baby!!! It was so sad and pitiful! Speaking of Leo, it is so fun to watch the two of you interact. Other than rolling around on the floor the two of y'all hadn't really interacted until we had dinner that night. As soon as Leo was put in the chair next to you, you were mesmerized. You grabbed his shirt and stared at him for the longest time. Then you two got down to business sharing your pasta and puffs and meatballs. You stole his sippy cup once, but it's ok he stole your paci. You two had such a fun night, and I cannot wait to watch you grow up together!

{At Eleven Months You...}

{like to read *and* eat your books!}

{like it when Momma tickles your belly and squeal with laughter!}

{love. love. love. to eat your berries!}

{continue to adore your bath!}

{have learned how to give me the "oh heck no Momma!" face.}

Prepare for Mommy to be a little nuts this month as we get ready for your very first birthday party!!!

These past 11 months have been magical punkin butt! I love you to the moon and back!