February 1, 2012

Invitation Etiquette

So as we approach the time to really get down to planning Evie's birthday party I am faced with the "gift" versus "no gift" party thing.

Before I was a mom I couldn't understand why on earth parents would have "no gift" parties for their kids! Generally, I ignored the rule and brought a present.

Now, I get it. Watching Evie try and maintain her composure at Christmas with all the crazy bows, wrapping paper and tissue was almost comical. I mean she would get ahold of something and pitch a fit when you took her best scrap of tissue paper EVER away from her. Then she would begin meltdown after meltdown. It was just too much for her. In fact I am pretty sure that she still has some presents at my in law's house that are unwrapped.

So, while I firmly believe that part of the magic of birthdays is ripping into the wrapping paper and hearing the ooohs and ahhhs from the crowd (I get teaching your kids not to be greedy and all I'm just not sure forcing them to donate to a charity or give all the toys they get on their birthday to the toy drive is the way I want to do it) this year we are going to be holding a "no gifts" party.

Now I face the question of how to put this on the invitation in a way that is both clear and tactful. I am thinking something along the lines of "No presents please. Your presence is enough." Stupid? Cheesy? Not "to the point" enough?

{Have you ever thrown your kids a "no gifts" party? What did you write on the invitation and how did people react? Thanks for all your help!}

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