February 9, 2012

My Current Obsessions

I have found myself in the grips of a few new obsessions lately! One of them is a main reason you've been hearing less from me! These are all mommy related instead of baby related!

1) The Hunger Games Trilogy. OMG lets just say this is literary crack to me. Can't. Stop. Reading. I am reading Catching Fire for the third time right now. I have an issue; someone take them away.

2) Sugar Lip Treatment, in therapy and rose. I love the way these feel and I am constantly applying them!

 3) Harry Potter on BluRay. I got the complete series for my birthday. I will never never never outgrow Harry Potter!

4) The Southbeach Diet, or really low carbs. Chris doctor put him on a very low carb diet very abruptly so I have been scrambling for low carb recipes that are also WW friendly. It's a challenge. But I've found a lot in my searches.

5) Celestial Seasoning's Sleepy Time Tea K cups! Nothing makes me sleepy like hot tea with milk and honey! I love that  they make a K cup for this!

{What are you loving right now?}