March 30, 2012

Y3W: My Mommy Fail

So. We've all had them as moms. That ::facepalm:: moment when you just think, FAIL.

Wednesday was mine.

While at Evie's one year checkup, after her height and weight measurements as we are waiting for the doctor. I realize I've got to to pee. Now I'm a little person with a little bladder so when I have to pee, I have to pee, like NOW. So I pick Evie up (clad only in her diaper) poke my head out and ask if I can use the restroom across the hall. The nurse said yes and in we went. I figured I would just hold Evie while I peed. Hey I've done it before I figured I could do it again.

However, she squirmed and squirmed and I had to wipe so the mom in me that refuses to freak out about GERMS GERMS GERMS everywhere shrugged and figured, "Eh. The dogs lick her in the face. A little bare feet and legs on the bathroom floor at the (very clean) doctor's office can't be that bad." So I set her down, wiped and turned to wash my hands. As soon as the soap and water hit my hands she was using the toilet to pull up on.

Now the floor didn't freak me out but a toilet? That was just not ok. I didn't want the nurses to think I was the worst mother in the history of EVER so I hissed at Evie, "Evie!!! No. That's gross. No!!! Don't do that." She retracted her hands because she knows what the word no means and I turned back to my washing.

0.056 seconds later and I hear splashing. Splashing could only mean one thing. In horror I turned around to find Evie merrily playing in the toilet water. It was all I could do to not holler ARGGG! GROSS!!! But again, the nurses were just outside remember?

So I hastily dried my hands and hers then snatched her up and hightailed it back to the room where I proceeded to scrub her hands with the soap in the room and wipe every bodily surface I could reach with a paper towel soaked in hot water and soap.

Le sigh. Fail. I guess next time I will just learn to hold it.

{This is cool, but splashing in toilets is way cooler!}

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March 29, 2012

An Ode to One Year Old

I don't think it was any secret that I was dreading Evie's first birthday. I was nearly having anxiety attacks over it. I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that I was going to have a one year old. I knew that moment in the early morning when the clock ticked from 2:54 to 2:55 wouldn't really change anything, but it was bugging the heck out of me. I made through the night with copious amounts of wine, Mexican food and a wonderful hubby who was willing to mop up the puddle I morphed into for about an hour and a half.

Now that we've had a one year old for a full week now, I have to tell you I am so loving it.

So far one year old has brought so many new adventures.

A deep an abiding love for ORANGE CHEESE (colby cheese)! She thinks orange cheese is so yummy that it is hilarious. She squeals with laughter when she sees it.

Diaper changes have become a task. Did you know that gymnastics can actually be performed on a changing pad? They can. Also, diapers are a source of infinite excitement. She likes to take them and cover her face with them (the clean ones of course). She has even reached down and grabbed a few dirty (ie poopy) diapers out from under her butt when I was trying to wipe her. Gross? Yes. Funny? Absolutely.

Vegetation of all kinds is suspicious and not to be trusted. I could put her on a blanket in the grass and she wouldn't go anywhere.

A looser more relaxed schedule. Chris and I spent her first year establishing her routine because she thrived on it. This year we'll spend teaching her that sometimes a little break in the routine is OK too. Sunday we blatantly ignored that it was time for nap and went to the mall instead. Evie was in a great mood and we had a great time. This certainly won't be for all the time, but I feel like with one year behind us we can really start testing and enjoying the flexibility that a solid schedule provides.

It seems like every day Evie is making up new games to play with us. Her current favorite, sharing. She loves to pass an object back and forth with me. This also give us an opportunity to work on please and thank you.

All the new adorable things she does. She's clapping, pointing, waving, petting the dogs and when she's tired or sleepy reaching for me so she can rest her head on my chest for a few minutes. In her typical fashion she then pats my face and wants down to go a explore some more. This just melts my heart.

I am LOVING one year old and I can't wait to see what these next fifty one weeks have in store for our family!

March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Evie's Big Birthday Zoo Adventure

Chris and I took Friday the 23rd off from work to hang out with Evie and celebrate her birthday! We decided our big one year old deserved a trip to the zoo in honor of her special day. We had such a blast! The Memphis Zoo is amazing. It was so so so crappy when I was a kid, but it has come so far and is consistently ranked in the top zoos in the country. We ended up buying a family pass (free parking, unlimited visits in a year, Evie is free until she is two) so we can go back a lot. We are hoping to go back at some point in the next month, only this time I will pack our snacks, lunches and drinks so we don't have to spend all the extra money on overpriced crappy tasting food! Evie LOVES animals so much so we knew she would have a blast! There was a lot of pointing and "duh!" "duh!" (dog). She was mesmerized by all the different types of animals! I know she is going to love going as she gets older.

{King of the Jungle}

{Lazy Lioness}

{Tigers! They got in a growling match! So scary!}

{What we called a "Big Lucky Cat"}



{Outside the China exhibit. Look mom, monkeys!}


{Panda Bear}

{Taking time to smile at Mom during the Teton Trek}

{Grizzly Bears on The Teton Trek}

{Observing the zebras in The African Veldt}

SO.MUCH.FUN! I can't wait to go back! We need to go see the sea lions and the dinosaur exhibit.

Oh and to give you an idea of what The Memphis Zoo used to look like, here is a picture of the hippo habitat. According to a lady at the zoo they are hoping to break ground on a new habitat for them in Spring of 2013 and it will take about a year to build. Just about the entire zoo used to be this horrid blue concrete color. I think this is the only one left.

March 27, 2012

Birthday iPhone Recap

{Good Morning, Birthday Girl!!!}

{Birthday Flowers from Daddy!}

{Giant cupcake to smash on her birthday!}


{DELICIOUS! Why don't you feed me this every day?}

{Holy crap, I'm messy! I hate being messy! Clean me up RIGHT NOW!}

{Chillin' in my stroller waiting on lunch at the Cat House Cafe at The Memphis Zoo!}

{ZOMG! Mom! Look there are monkey's outside the cafe window!!!}

{Zebras are pretty much the coolest thing ever in the history of ever!}

{After the Zoo we went home and I made 48 cupcakes, one smash cake, two batches of decorator frosting, two batches of chocolate cream cheese frosting and two batches of cream cheese frosting. Three bags of powdered sugar later and I was done. I'm not happy the chocolate looks like swirly piles of dog poo, but what can you do?}

{Sunday after we had Evie's one year photos taken we went to Stride Rite to get her first pair of big girl shoes! I'm not crazy about these but they were the only ones with enough ankle support that came in a double wide. My girl has some big ole chunky feet!}

{Then we went to DQ/Orange Julius and Evie had her first Orange Julius! She loved it!!!}


{And just because y'all are awesome, a sneak peek at Evie's one year old photo shoot. I nearly died from all of her cuteness!}

PS I know I skipped any pictures of her party -- that post is coming later. Someone messed with my camera settings to most of my party pictures are extremely dark. Like so dark I can barely tell what is in them. It breaks my heart. Hopefully, I can get some off my MILs camera this weekend and have that post for you next week!

March 22, 2012

Evie's Birth In Pictures

I've never really shared pictures from Evie's birth on here. I'm not sure why but since this is kind of Evie's defacto baby book I decided to go ahead and share some today on her birthday! You can read Evie's full birth story {HERE}.

{Just before the epidural. This is what 35 hours of unmedicated labor on only 2 hours of sleep looks like. Definitely NOT a pretty picture and I have no idea why it looks like my hair was hacked off, but it wasn't.}

{Due to all my pre-term labor I had about six of the boards and they all said "Stop contractions!" or "Rest" or "give fluids". I was so excited for this board to say "Have a Baby!". And actually the nurse forgot to write it and I was so upset I asked my mom to write it for me!}

{Breathing in between contractions when the epi wore off and I wouldn't let them dose it again. I had about forty-five second between contractions and this was during one of those breaks.}

{Forty-five hours of labor later and the litte bugger retreated back into my uterus. According to the OB I have the "pelvis of a five year old" so off to surgery we go! I'm both scared and relieved here but not crying because I didn't want my mom to see me upset because I knew it would upset her.}

{March 22, 2011 2:55 am and our 7lbs 6 oz smurf blue baby is born!}

{They kept patting her on the back and counting to get her to cry and rid her lungs of fluid. When that didn't work they called the NICU nurse to come get her. :( }

{"Hey! Let's let mom see her baby!" First and last time I saw Evie until I visited her in NICU about ten hours later.}

{First night in NICU. On fluids, antibiotics and high flow oxygen due to fluid in her lungs.}

{Signs in NICU!}

{Chris and his dad, Evie's Grampie, in NICU}

{Once she was moved from her isolette into an open air crib her NICU night nurse put her in this onesie and hair bow so we would feel more "normal" being in NICU. She was such a sweetheart; I am so grateful for the support and compassion of the nurses in the NICU.}

{That morning the NICU charge nurse delivered our beautiful girl to us in post-partum! Finally no more cords, wires, beeping machines, uncomfortable wheelchair rides or scrubbing in!}

{Newborn photo shoot! I LOVE that she's in pink from head to toe. I totally embraced my inner girl mom!}

{I'm bored of this picture taking and super tired. Feed me and let me go to sleep!}