March 27, 2012

Birthday iPhone Recap

{Good Morning, Birthday Girl!!!}

{Birthday Flowers from Daddy!}

{Giant cupcake to smash on her birthday!}


{DELICIOUS! Why don't you feed me this every day?}

{Holy crap, I'm messy! I hate being messy! Clean me up RIGHT NOW!}

{Chillin' in my stroller waiting on lunch at the Cat House Cafe at The Memphis Zoo!}

{ZOMG! Mom! Look there are monkey's outside the cafe window!!!}

{Zebras are pretty much the coolest thing ever in the history of ever!}

{After the Zoo we went home and I made 48 cupcakes, one smash cake, two batches of decorator frosting, two batches of chocolate cream cheese frosting and two batches of cream cheese frosting. Three bags of powdered sugar later and I was done. I'm not happy the chocolate looks like swirly piles of dog poo, but what can you do?}

{Sunday after we had Evie's one year photos taken we went to Stride Rite to get her first pair of big girl shoes! I'm not crazy about these but they were the only ones with enough ankle support that came in a double wide. My girl has some big ole chunky feet!}

{Then we went to DQ/Orange Julius and Evie had her first Orange Julius! She loved it!!!}


{And just because y'all are awesome, a sneak peek at Evie's one year old photo shoot. I nearly died from all of her cuteness!}

PS I know I skipped any pictures of her party -- that post is coming later. Someone messed with my camera settings to most of my party pictures are extremely dark. Like so dark I can barely tell what is in them. It breaks my heart. Hopefully, I can get some off my MILs camera this weekend and have that post for you next week!