March 8, 2012

The Disciplinarian, I am not.

Both Chris and I grew up in households where we respected both our parents. I'm sure we both acted out for our parents equally, but I knew if momma got the wooden spoon out shizz was about to get real. Plus, my mom had that "teacher voice" going on. Chris learned early on that his mother was also a force to be reckoned with!
I was adamant that in our house both Chris and I would be disciplinarians.

Evie it seems has other ideas. I know also that I am contributing (no matter how hard I try not to) to the problem.

So it all started about three weeks ago on a Saturday morning. Chris and I were sitting on the couch enjoying our coffee, and Evie was sitting in my lap (ie: crawling all over me like I was a jungle gym) watching The Wonder Pets. We were are still in our jammies so I had my glasses on instead of my contacts. Evie is fascinated by my glasses; I suppose it is because she only sees them on Saturday and Sunday mornings. She kept trying to snatch them off my face. I kept saying "NO!" in my sternest voice possible. Then she would laugh and try again. I tried so hard to resist but within seconds we were both giggling insanely at each other. My glasses ended up covered in sticky fingerprints and my belly aching from laughter. Eh no big deal I thought as I washed my glasses when she napped at 10.

Then a few weeks later when I was changing her diaper she took her paci out and started rubbing the plastic part on the wall. This might not seem like a big deal (and truthfully, to me it isn't) but the noise is somewhat annoying, and it really bothers the hubs. He says he painted and cleaned that room and out he doesn't want her messing up the wall. Fair enough. We agreed to back each other up, and it's a big deal to him so I don't let her do it either. Normally she listens when I tell her to stop or I am going to take the paci away. However since the glasses incident, she looks at me and LAUGHS in my face when I tell her no. Seriously, giggles, y'all. I try my damnedest not to laugh back at her, to keep a straight face, but I just can't AND SHE KNOWS IT. She knows I am sucker for her smile and her laugh.

It appears it's not just Daddy who is wrapped around her little finger. I'm screwed.