March 22, 2012

Evie's Birth In Pictures

I've never really shared pictures from Evie's birth on here. I'm not sure why but since this is kind of Evie's defacto baby book I decided to go ahead and share some today on her birthday! You can read Evie's full birth story {HERE}.

{Just before the epidural. This is what 35 hours of unmedicated labor on only 2 hours of sleep looks like. Definitely NOT a pretty picture and I have no idea why it looks like my hair was hacked off, but it wasn't.}

{Due to all my pre-term labor I had about six of the boards and they all said "Stop contractions!" or "Rest" or "give fluids". I was so excited for this board to say "Have a Baby!". And actually the nurse forgot to write it and I was so upset I asked my mom to write it for me!}

{Breathing in between contractions when the epi wore off and I wouldn't let them dose it again. I had about forty-five second between contractions and this was during one of those breaks.}

{Forty-five hours of labor later and the litte bugger retreated back into my uterus. According to the OB I have the "pelvis of a five year old" so off to surgery we go! I'm both scared and relieved here but not crying because I didn't want my mom to see me upset because I knew it would upset her.}

{March 22, 2011 2:55 am and our 7lbs 6 oz smurf blue baby is born!}

{They kept patting her on the back and counting to get her to cry and rid her lungs of fluid. When that didn't work they called the NICU nurse to come get her. :( }

{"Hey! Let's let mom see her baby!" First and last time I saw Evie until I visited her in NICU about ten hours later.}

{First night in NICU. On fluids, antibiotics and high flow oxygen due to fluid in her lungs.}

{Signs in NICU!}

{Chris and his dad, Evie's Grampie, in NICU}

{Once she was moved from her isolette into an open air crib her NICU night nurse put her in this onesie and hair bow so we would feel more "normal" being in NICU. She was such a sweetheart; I am so grateful for the support and compassion of the nurses in the NICU.}

{That morning the NICU charge nurse delivered our beautiful girl to us in post-partum! Finally no more cords, wires, beeping machines, uncomfortable wheelchair rides or scrubbing in!}

{Newborn photo shoot! I LOVE that she's in pink from head to toe. I totally embraced my inner girl mom!}

{I'm bored of this picture taking and super tired. Feed me and let me go to sleep!}