March 10, 2012

My Little Weirdo

My kid is freaking strange y'all. Not in like the Children of the Corn way, but she is so so strange. I mean I love it; it makes me laugh, but man she does some weird things.

Example One
She picks toys up in her mouth and crawls around the house that way. She knows how to carry things in her hands and crawl at the same time, but she prefers to hold her teether/link/block/ball/purse in her mouth and crawl around like that.

Example Two
She likes to be meowed at. Not like soft sweet little kitty mews but a full on MREOW while I put my face right next to hers. She thinks this is HILARIOUS. She laughs her head off everytime I do it.

Example Three
She makes monkey sounds when she gets really excited. EEEEEH EEEEEEH EEEEEEH! UUUUUHH! UUUUUUH! OOOOOH OOOOOOH!

Example Four
She thinks panting like a dog is to peak of hilariousness. Seriously. She will pant at you and wait for you to pant back. Then crack up.

Example Five
She like to eat noses, especially mine. She leans in, laughs then puts her mouth on my nose, then laughs and does it again.

Now that I think about it, other than the noses thing, maybe I need to limit her time spent with the animals. It sounds a lot like we are letting our wolf pack raise her.