March 20, 2012

UPDATE: State of MS: 0, Momma: 1

Thank you so much for all of your supportive comments on last week's post about the Mississippi State Health Department's crap policy on feeding juice at daycare. I really aprpeciate the solidarity and the advice!

On Tuesday when Evie came down with a horrible cough and high fever I took her to the pediatrician. It turned out to be viral bronchitis and possible secondary pneumonia (don't even try to google these two things together; it's terrifying AND confusing). While we were there I casually asked Dr. Fesmire for his thoughts on feeding children eight ounces of juice a day. He proceeded to whip out a newspaper article and point out a chart on the bulletin board in the room that both FULLY SUPPORT our decision to not feed Evie juice frequently. Furthermore, Dr. Fesmire fully supports this decision. Basically since 2001 the AAP has heavily discouraged the feeding of juice due to the high sugar content (all natural sugar is STILL sugar). He was flabbergasted when I told him about the Mississippi Health Department's requirement that daycares serve juice daily. He told me it couldn't possibly be right; I told him I looked it up and read it with my own two eyes.

Long story short, I walked out with this:


I'm really happy about this and the fact that the director told me I could write in the part about organic milk. I realize it's not a complete victory because she still has to eat from the kitchen (and actually the menu isn't that bad upon further inspection) unless she has a food allergy (again this is the state's requirement of ALL licensed daycares) but I feel like with the juice and milk war won I am ok with a few pizza sticks a month to keep Evie at a place that she loves, we love and most importantly we trust.