March 6, 2012

Who She's Going to Be

There are a million things I want for Evie. I want for her to have a big imagination that loves to go on adventures through the pages of books. I pray all the time that she inherits her Daddy's math abilities. Lord knows, she doesn't need mine. I hope she gets my love of science and exploration. I hope she learns the deep sense of home, permanence and family that both her father and I have. I want her to have my sense of compassion, to look past the outside of a person and into the deeper story of his or her life. I never want her to be a mean girl (and so help me God if I find out she is, actually so help her God). I want her to value her heart and soul, her smarts and her beauty -- in that order. It took me awhile to get to that point and I wish it had been sooner.

Most of all I want her to be who she's going to be. I want her to be true to what she is. I want her to embrace it or change it if she wants to. But I want her to know that her father and I love her every single day of her life no. matter. what.

I have tons and tons of dreams for my little girl. But that's what they are: my dreams, my hopes, my wishes and my desires. As all media outlets are flooded with stories of teen and now child suicides as a result of bullying, all I want for her is know that her father and I support her; that we love her, that there is nothing she could ever ever tell us that would make us love her less. I want her to know that we don't care who she is, who she loves, what she's passionate about so long as she is healthy and happy. I want her to know that there is absolutely nothing in this world that supersedes my dream for her to live a long healthy happy life.

Chris and I were among the lucky children in this world, growing up in loving homes that provided us support to follow our hearts and follow her dreams. I hope that Evie inherits that from her father and me too.

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