March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Evie's Big Birthday Zoo Adventure

Chris and I took Friday the 23rd off from work to hang out with Evie and celebrate her birthday! We decided our big one year old deserved a trip to the zoo in honor of her special day. We had such a blast! The Memphis Zoo is amazing. It was so so so crappy when I was a kid, but it has come so far and is consistently ranked in the top zoos in the country. We ended up buying a family pass (free parking, unlimited visits in a year, Evie is free until she is two) so we can go back a lot. We are hoping to go back at some point in the next month, only this time I will pack our snacks, lunches and drinks so we don't have to spend all the extra money on overpriced crappy tasting food! Evie LOVES animals so much so we knew she would have a blast! There was a lot of pointing and "duh!" "duh!" (dog). She was mesmerized by all the different types of animals! I know she is going to love going as she gets older.

{King of the Jungle}

{Lazy Lioness}

{Tigers! They got in a growling match! So scary!}

{What we called a "Big Lucky Cat"}



{Outside the China exhibit. Look mom, monkeys!}


{Panda Bear}

{Taking time to smile at Mom during the Teton Trek}

{Grizzly Bears on The Teton Trek}

{Observing the zebras in The African Veldt}

SO.MUCH.FUN! I can't wait to go back! We need to go see the sea lions and the dinosaur exhibit.

Oh and to give you an idea of what The Memphis Zoo used to look like, here is a picture of the hippo habitat. According to a lady at the zoo they are hoping to break ground on a new habitat for them in Spring of 2013 and it will take about a year to build. Just about the entire zoo used to be this horrid blue concrete color. I think this is the only one left.