March 30, 2012

Y3W: My Mommy Fail

So. We've all had them as moms. That ::facepalm:: moment when you just think, FAIL.

Wednesday was mine.

While at Evie's one year checkup, after her height and weight measurements as we are waiting for the doctor. I realize I've got to to pee. Now I'm a little person with a little bladder so when I have to pee, I have to pee, like NOW. So I pick Evie up (clad only in her diaper) poke my head out and ask if I can use the restroom across the hall. The nurse said yes and in we went. I figured I would just hold Evie while I peed. Hey I've done it before I figured I could do it again.

However, she squirmed and squirmed and I had to wipe so the mom in me that refuses to freak out about GERMS GERMS GERMS everywhere shrugged and figured, "Eh. The dogs lick her in the face. A little bare feet and legs on the bathroom floor at the (very clean) doctor's office can't be that bad." So I set her down, wiped and turned to wash my hands. As soon as the soap and water hit my hands she was using the toilet to pull up on.

Now the floor didn't freak me out but a toilet? That was just not ok. I didn't want the nurses to think I was the worst mother in the history of EVER so I hissed at Evie, "Evie!!! No. That's gross. No!!! Don't do that." She retracted her hands because she knows what the word no means and I turned back to my washing.

0.056 seconds later and I hear splashing. Splashing could only mean one thing. In horror I turned around to find Evie merrily playing in the toilet water. It was all I could do to not holler ARGGG! GROSS!!! But again, the nurses were just outside remember?

So I hastily dried my hands and hers then snatched her up and hightailed it back to the room where I proceeded to scrub her hands with the soap in the room and wipe every bodily surface I could reach with a paper towel soaked in hot water and soap.

Le sigh. Fail. I guess next time I will just learn to hold it.

{This is cool, but splashing in toilets is way cooler!}

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