April 17, 2012

Our Pregnancy Announcement

On our What's a Vol? tab I've shared the story of how we thought we were going to share the exciting news that we were pregnant with Evie, how we actually got to share the news but I've never posted a picture of the actual announcement because the box with the remaining bottles is on the top shelf of our pantry and I'm too lazy to get one down to take a picture. Yeah.

So anyway, last night I came across a picture of the label on my iPhone (from when it was actually hubby's iPhone) and I thought I would share it here!

On a completely unrelated note, WTH am I going to do on Thursday when Picnik is not available. I think I've been in a state of denial. I don't like change. Any suggestions on what other programs to use? I'm not thrilled with PicMonkey. Aviary made me want to jump off a bridge. I've slowly (VEEEERY slowly) been learning how to use Photoshop Elements, but mostly it makes me want to throw my computer in the street and run over it a few times with my car. So yeah, I've got that going for me... Anyway thoughts/suggestions/picnikisclosing support groups are much appreciated.