April 16, 2012

Park Fun

Our neighborhood has the sweetest little park. It has walking rails, a "fishing" lake (ie: we see people fishing all the time but never see anyone catch anything) and a little playground. It's great for little families. It's got picnic tables and charcoal grills. We are hoping to plan a family outing soon to spend the afternoon, grill out and have a picnic!

It's about a 4.5 - 5 mile walk round trip depending on which route we take and it has become our tradition to walk to the park and back on Sunday afternoons. The first few times we kept Evie in her stroller and she was happy to point out ALL the trees and dogs to us. The past few times we let her out to play. We've taken her down the slide a few times (which she LOVES) and let her toddle around to check stuff out. In true Evie fashion she is most content to munch on goldfish, sip her milk and watch the other bigger kids at play. I'm sure soon enough she'll be barelling around up and down the slides!

{Mommy, would you like a goldfish?}

{Pretty girl at the park in her VOLunteer Orange!}