April 8, 2012

Sponsor Love: Tales of Two Girls

Hi Y'all! I'm going to be doing highlight posts of my sponsors for this month, and I may continue doing it for next month too once I see how it goes.

I realize some of you don't neccesarily like to read sponsor highlight posts, and that's fine, however I would ask that you give these ladies a chance and check out their blogs. These are truly truly some of my favorite ladies in the blogging world. They are all super nice super amazing moms (but not in that make you feel bad about yourself way). They are a diverse fun group!

Tales of Two Girls

Nickelodeon Universe
Basically because I am totally jealous that I didn't get to go!

Lessons for Girls
Because these are a lot of the same things I want for Evie.

Be sure to check out Tessa and her sweeties Kendall and Sydney.