April 17, 2012

TAT: A Day in Our Life

So back in October I posted what a normal weekday in our life looks like. Since today's TAT theme is what a typical day looks like I thought I would share a weekend day since I work full-time and the weekends are way more fun since we get to hang out with Evie.

Saturday around 8 am I hear Evie begin to stir in her crib. I get up, throw on my robe and let the dogs outside. (Hubby likes to stay up late on weekends so I generally let him sleep in while I get up and handle EVERYTHING. Yes I win the #1 wife award because I can count on three fingers the number of times he's let me sleep in and that was because 1) it was mother's day 2) I was sick 3) it was my birthday present. Yeah. Grrr.) Anyway, while the dogs are outside I fill their bowls with breakfast, get some milk in Evie's sippy and stumble to the counter to make my coffee. At this point I begin singing the praise of the wonderful machine that is my Keurig.

I then go get Evie out of her crib.

After a diaper change and some quick kisses and snuggles, I put her in her chair so she can drink her milk and snack on a cheerio appetizer while I sip my coffee and prepare her breakfast. She loves scrambled eggs so she usually gets that in some form or fashion.

Then she bounces in her bouncer, we read books, watch a little Go, Diego, Go!, play with the puppies and just generally hang out until about 9:45 when we go wake up her Daddy. After we all snuggle in bed for a few minutes Evie naps from 10-12pm. This is when I shower, get dressed, start laundry or do whatever I need to do.

At 12 pm I wake Evie up from nap and it is time for lunch. This might consist of leftovers, turkey roll ups, a Pb&J or I might make something. It just depends on our time situation.

After lunch we play some more, work on walking skills, attempt to color on her art easel and run any errands we might need to do. 

Around 3:00 we have a snack that is usually goldfish with fruit, yogurt, a cheese stick with fruit or a smoothie. She also finishes off her milk from lunch during snack.

Evie usually takes a nap in the later afternoon from 3:30-4:30. 

After Evie wakes up we get ready for that evening. Sometimes we just walk to the park, come back and chat with our neighbors before dinner or we get ready to go out with family or friends.

After, dinner, hanging out or whatever Saturday night holds (this past weekend it was dinner with my parents and then Wally World) it's time for bath around 7:30.

After bath Chris reads to Evie while I feed her her milk, then if she's not conked out we play on the floor of her nursery for about 10-15 minutes. Then it's lights out time for Evie Bug! We cover her up, turn on her music and she goes straight to sleep.

Then for the next few hours Chris and I hang out watching TV, talking, watching a movie whatever.

Around 10:30-11:00 I head to bed while Chris stays up playing Wii, reading or watching scary movies that I won't watch because they give me nightmares.

I usually find this on my pillows.

Then I crawl into bed (usually with a cup of hot tea -- thank you again Keurig) and read some of The Hunger Games triology (I know, I know it's time to move on) before zonking out and getting up and doing it all over again on Sunday!

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