April 30, 2012

What Really Happens at One Year Old

People told me, oh she will start walking and talking and it'll be so much fun! She'll be into everything and learning so much every day! Enjoy this time before the terrible twos hit! Yada yada yada.

But you know what really happened at one year old, friends? People started bugging me to get pregnant again. Seriously. Friends, acquaintances, my clients, people I barely know. Oh yes, and let's not forget my OB when I had my IUD removed (not for procreative purposes). Every last one of them weighing in on the subjects of my fertility, rate of procreation and family.

Now you don't want to wait too long. It just gets harder as you get older.

Well you could go ahead and start trying now, just because you got pregnant the first time last time doesn't mean it will happen again. It could take months.

You should go ahead and have another now. Having babies close together is so much better because they entertain each other.

Don't make that baby grow up an only child. (My husband is an only child and doing just fine, thankyouverymuch.)

That baby needs a little brother. (Hmmm. You need to talk to my husbands swimmers about that one. Kinda out of my control.)

Chris needs a little boy to carry on the family name. Don't you want to give him a boy? (What is this 1500s? Did I marry Henry the Eighth? Oh and again, see above.)

One girl and one boy is such a good family mix.

I know people only say these things because they can clearly see how wonderful Evie is, and that Chris and I make beautiful sweet humans (eh... maybe I'm biased), but I don't understand what makes them think they have a say.

Thankfully our parents have never pressured us about giving them a second (or first for that matter) grandchild and seem totally happy to love on the one they've got. Keep that up guys. :)

{What silly things have you heard about having a second, or even first, baby?}