May 22, 2012

The First Time

In Evie's first fourteen months of life there have been a number of firsts.The first time I was wheeled into NICU and the nurse arranged her cords and wires just so and handed her to me. There was the first poop in the hospital that scared her so bad it made her cry (and me laugh), the first time she fell asleep in my arms, the first time she smiled at me and held up her arms to be picked up. Crawling, walking and babbling were all great firsts.

I loved all of those moments but the very best thing that Evie has ever done is laugh.

When I was pregnant I dreamed about her laugh, I wondered what it would sound like and how precious those giggles would become.

I gave birth to a very very serious child. She's a lot like me in this respect. So it should no come as no surprise that it took her forever to laugh. While my friend's with babies about the same age as Evie would go on and on about how funny their kid's laugh was, and post videos to Facebook, I would just sit by jealously.

Then one day when she was about six months old her Daddy was covering her face with kisses and there it was, bubbling out of her mouth, the most precious beautiful sound in the world: a giggle. I gasped, grabbed my iPhone to video it and said, "Do it again!". We were so lucky to capture that moment forever and in the days and weeks following I watched it over and over again. Each time I got butterflies in my stomach and grinned from ear to ear. It was the best sound in the entire world.

Now, Evie laughs at everything. I'm funny, Daddy is funny, the dogs are funny, the cats are funny, running down hallways is funny, shoes are funny, basically, everything is funny.

I'll never tire of that beautiful sound though, the sound that changed my life forever.

*Credit for the photo goes to Brian Andreas who is the creator of Story People. He is one of my favorite artists because he uses words and pictures to tell his stories.*

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