May 11, 2012

I Am Mom Enough

I am mom enough no matter what TIME magazine says. I am the best mother to my daughter. I base my choices around what we think is right for our family. We cloth diaper, we eat organic food (mostly), I made Evie's baby food. I only breastfed for four weeks, and then formula fed until she was one. I don't co-sleep or baby wear. And NONE of those things make me a better or worse mother than you.

What makes me a good mother is my willingness to go the mat for my daughter every single day for the rest of my life.

I am the kisser of boo boos. I am the one who (tries) to rock her to sleep every night. I am the singer of lullabies. I am the maker upper of silly games. I am the snuggler. I am the tickler of ribs. The runner of the baths. The one who knows how warm she likes her bottle. I am the keeper of ten million different facts about my daughter because I am her mother.

And, I? I am mom enough.

And, you? You are mom enough.

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