May 21, 2012

Lately & Guest Posters Needed

Some of my iPhone photos lately...

1)This outfit is why I LOVE being a girl mom! So cute! (PS sorry her room is such a wreck!)

2) Snuggles with momma!

3) Happy Lucky Cat & Rocky Top!

4) Cinco de Mayo! "Deconstructed" chicken soft taco, homemade guac and black beans. Watermelon for dessert. She hated the watermelon.

5) Hey there little buddy!

6) Running around by the Tennessee River with Grandpa!

7) Pictures with Grampie before going out on the lake!

Also, I am going to be traveling in late June and mid-July and I need some guest posters! If you are interested shoot me an email at itsavol{at}yahoo{dot}com or leave me a comment below! Thanks!