May 8, 2012

Lucky or OCD?

I have a thirteen (almost fourteen) month old who cleans up after herself.

I'm worried that she's going to take after her anal retentive OCD momma who can't sleep if there is a dirty dish in the sink. Seriously, that's not a lie, my kitchen is dirty once in a blue moon. I'm insane about it.

No joke. Every night in her bath she likes to stack her cups up perfectly, or line them up just so on the side of the tub. If she's not doing that then every single one of her squirt toys must be corralled and placed just so into her big rinsing cup. If they're not where they belong, she becomes upset until they are in their proper place.

Then before we get out of the tub, every toy goes into the mesh toy bag. I kid you not, we just say "Evie where do your toys belong? Evie, put your toys up." And she does it. Squealing with laughter the whole time.

Same thing with her mega blocks. Take them out of the bag and she has to put them back in, then close the top and try to zip it shut.

Don't get me wrong I do plenty of cleaning up after, but it cracks me up to see her spot an errant block, run for it, pick it up and then laugh as she gleefully tosses it back where it belongs.

So what do you think? Am I incredibly lucky, is this just a game to her or is my hubby in for another insanely OCD lady in the house?