May 7, 2012

Splash Table Fun

Saturday we took our little doodle bug out to play on the deck in her new splash table that The Smiths got her for her birthday! Oh she had so much fun! Evie adores water, and she really loved putting the squirt toys into the bucket. She's really into putting stuff where it belongs! I'm obsessed with her bumblebee bathing suit and can't wait until the lake and beach this summmer!!! Bring on the sunshine!

{Is that a polar bear in that cave?}

{Now the polar bear is in the bucket, right where he belongs!}

{Is he still in there? Ok. Good.}

{Now he can come out and play!}

{Now to put the penguin in it's place!}

{Fat baby feet! So cute!}

{Gah! Those curls slay me!}