May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Memorial Day Photo Dump

First of all, great big thanks and props to the men and women who protect and serve this great nation. The United States Military has my unwavering admiration and support. Without y'all we wouldn't be able to enjoy fabulous weekends like the one that just passed!
We spent our long weekend at Pickwick Lake mainly boating, eating and napping. The good life! This summer is shaping up to be such a blast; Evie really really loves the water and has a great time floating around and hanging out with the fam.
We are so blessed that our parents are willing to share their boats and lake homes with us. And it's not about having the extra stuff, it's about being with the people that we love. We are so lucky that our family is so close.
And now for the photo dump!
{I love my floatie! Especially when the waves come by!}

 {Nana feeding me strawberries! Evie ate so many I thought she was going to turn into one!}

{More strawberries!}

{Ruffly butt, baby rolls!}

{My dad & Chris' mom on the pontoon boat!}

{Napping in my floatie, under the pontoon boat!}

{The family floating around!}

{Chillin' in the shade with momma!}

{Chris and his Dad relaxing!}

{Baby love, my baby love.}

{Checking out the dock at my parent's marina!}

{She loved all the big boats!}

{My two loves. And there's no denying this child belongs to him, is there?}

{Lunch on the Searay!}

{Really! Strawberries are delicious!}

{Curls like Momma!}

{Eating guac with Nana. PS Bum Genius 4.0s with snaps make great swim diapers with the inserts removed! Worked great!}

{Hardcore Napping on Daddy!}

{Sausage Toes!}

{Snoozin' on Dad!}

{My Happy Place!}

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