May 18, 2012

Y3W: We're Going Tubing

Due to chronic ear infections Evie is going to have tubes put in her ears. Chris and I have thought about this possibility a lot over the last few months as we have been in the pediatrician's office for ear infections at least once each month.

It boils down to this. Evie has allergies like her momma. She can't spend any decent amount of time outdoors without her allergies acting up, resulting in ears that don't drain properly and therefore become infected. I don't feel like it's fair to her to keep her inside all the time. She loves being outside and especially with summer ramping up we are constantly at the lake that is surrounded by beautiful forest.

So we are stuck knowing we will be in the ped's office once a month with Evie in pain, or knowing that we are going to have to worry about plugs in her ears until they fall out. I can't keep her out of the water either, she loves it too much.

Dr. Fes gave us three options. One stay on our current course. Two try a very long course of a sulfa drug and "wait and see" or three consult with an ENT and get tubes put in.

We obviously decided course three. I'm comfortable with our decision. We have a phenomenal ENT (he did a tonsillectomy on Chris about three years ago) and I am ready for Evie to not be in pain all the time. I'm still nervous though. I know it's a small procedure and common, but like Dr. Fes said, "It's always minor surgery until it's your baby". Ain't that the truth.

{So, advice, helpful suggestions, experiences (especially ones on anesthesia) and prayers would be much appreciated!}