June 4, 2012

Adventures in Motherhood

So I mentioned last week that Chris was on his annual boys trip and that Evie and I would be flying solo for the weekend. Being left alone with Evie is not really a big deal to me, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have some anxiety when I know I am going to be single parenting her for more than a day. I think it goes back to the hellish experience that was my maternity leave. 

Anyway, we had a fantastic and funny weekend. 

There were some meltdowns and fits, but overall it was great. We watched Lion King, sang, danced. 

We went to lunch and caught up with old friends. 

{Evie with one of my best friends, Leslie. They heart each other!}

We partied hard for Uncle Stephen's 31st birthday! 

{All dressed and ready to go!}

{Worn out! She didn't even wake up when I moved her from car seat to crib!}

And then Sunday happened...

Since we were so busy on Saturday we were just kind of lazy on Sunday. I made Evie a special snack of toast with Nutella and topped with bananas and she LOVED it. She ended up super sticky and messy though so I had to put her in the bath immediately. However, when I took her diaper off she decided it was a good time to pee on the bathroom floor and bath mat. OK sigh, but no biggie. Bath mats are totally washable, right? 

Then as she is playing in the bath she stood up and I said, "Evie. Do you love Mommy? Give Mommy a kiss!". She leaned over and gave me such a sweet kiss. Then, she grunted, and I heard a PLOP. To my horror, I looked around and there it was floating in the tub. Poop. Because nothing says, "Hey, Mom I love you!" quite like a turd in the tub! I had no toilet paper left in the bathroom and used the last on the roll to clean up the pee. I couldn't leave her in there alone. So what's a mom to do? I pulled her out (still covered in soap), put her on the tile and grabbed that thing out with my bare hand. Yup, I bare handed a toddler turd. After I freaked out and washed my hands I heard another grunt. Again, to my horror I looked down and saw that she was finishing her poo on my bathroom floor. Fantastic. So as I drained the water from the tub, I used one of my hand towels to wipe that up. I finally got her rinsed (and the bath mat & hand towel in the wash) and just couldn't stop laughing. This stuff NEVER happens when Chris is here. 

After that, we played, had lunch and she napped until Daddy got home. 

Then, I made him take me out to dinner at El Amigo AND buy me a strawberry daiquiri to share with Evie (she was stressed by this too) since I am missing the beach right now and, because you know, I had to pick a turd up out of a bath tub with my bare hands. 

{Daiquiris are delicious!}

 {Evie thinks so too!}

Motherhood. It's always an adventure. 

PS The daiquiri was virgin. Of course, but you never know what people will assume!
PPS You are welcome for neither taking nor including a picture of the offending turd. 

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