June 29, 2012

Can We Stop Calling My Daughter Fat Now?

So about this time last year I wrote about people commenting on how chunky Evie is.

And I am sad to say it hasn't gotten any better.

We are still bombarded with people telling us not to worry, that she will surely slim down soon.

And there is still a part of me that wants to tell these people to shut the hell up. But now there is a bigger part of me that wants to quietly shame them for their comments.

How dare you comment on my 15 month old's weight. How dare you? Don't you know she will have enough of that in junior high and high school? Don't you know she'll have enough of that coming from her own head and soon enough? Don't you know that there are five year olds on diets? Because these kids hear these things and they are absorbing them. I have personally dealt with the ravaging effects of anorexia. I've seen it eat a bright beautiful person away, so let's not encourage that attitude.

I don't care about people who comment on her chunkiness and say they love it. We had one lady stop us to tell us that Evie was "Oh, so juicy!!!" and how she just "loves a juicy baby!" And I thought it was the sweetest thing. We get plenty of people commenting on how she is so beautiful and the prettiest baby they've ever seen - thanks we think so too! But for every one of these we get another with the comments on her actual weight and how she will lose that baby fat someday.

I just want to tell these people that, no she might not. She might end up being a bigger girl. She might end up being a toothpick, but either way as long as she is eating right and exercising, it doesn't matter. This world is made up of all sorts of different types of people, fat ones, skinny ones, tall ones, short ones, black ones, white ones, Asian ones, ones with pointy noses, ones with blue eyes, ones with brown eyes, some with green eyes, pale ones, tan ones. Our culture is made of all different ones.

And all the different ones are all beautiful ones. So let's stop calling my daughter fat now, shall we?

{Pure Beauty}

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