June 27, 2012

DC and Wedding Recap

After arriving very late Wednesday night and not getting to sleep until sometime very early on Thursday morning Chris and I hit the DC streets ready to explore and embrace our inner tourist.

First we stopped by The United State Holocaust Memorial Museum. If you visit our nation's capital you must go here. This is my second time going to the museum and when we return to DC it will be one we always attend. Beyond the fact that it is free it is powerful and moving. I won't go into too much detail because I actually plan on dedicating an entire post to it later on.

After spending a good two-three hours in the HMM we lightened things up a bit with the Air & Space Museum. Chris is a pilot (in fact I have a whole family of pilots) so he was in heaven. We rode in a fighter jet sim that Chris said was nothing like flying the real thing, but still it did barrel rolls and we had a good time.

After hitting up the gift shops for presents for Evie, Leo and Gus we grabbed a coke and snacked on some freeze dried ice cream. Yum!

{If you don't love freeze dried ice cream I'm not even sure we can be friends anymore.}

After leaving the Air & Space museum we walked about a mile back to where our car was parked. The only problem with this was that it was ridiculously hot in DC that day. We live in the Deep South too, so when Mississippians say it is hot outside, by God, it's hot outside. On the walk back we sweated a ton! We had already checked out of our hotel in DC and since our hotel for the wedding was in Ashburn, we had no place to get cleaned up for our dinner date at Founding Farmers. We ended up wiping our arms and legs down with a wet napkin (hooray for always carrying a bottle of water) and changing in the car in a parking garage. I was so afraid we were going to be arrested.

After getting lost (AGAIN, in the like four blocks it took to drive to the restaurant) we managed to dash into the restaurant just in the nick of time for our 6:30 reservation. Let me just say I am so impressed with this restaurant. As someone who has become increasingly passionate about food sourcing it was so nice to eat at a place that believes in supporting local farmers, buying organic and scratch making. On top of that, the food was incredible. For cocktails I had a mojito (cold, minty and refreshing after an insanely hot day? Yes, please.) and Chris had something called (maybe?) a Farmer Jon. We had homemade chips with a trio of dips to start. I ordered a Rueben sandwich for dinner and Chris had a burger. There were lots of fancier things on the menu, but after walking all day and skipping lunch we both felt like some good solid food. We were so full that we took dessert to go. We ordered a chocolate mousse for two and ate it later while watching TV in our hotel room. Bliss.


{Farmer Jon???}

{Housemade chips with Pimento Cheese, Onion Dip and Green Goddess Dip. So amazing!}


{Chris' Burger!}

{Mmmm! Dessert in bed!}

The rest of the weekend kind of went by in a blur. I went shopping at a nearby outlet mall (thanks for the recommendation Erin) and got some new clothes for Chris, Evie and me. The rehearsal dinner was great and the wedding even better. This group of guys is so outstanding to be around. The boys obviously love each other as they've stuck together for thirty years, but all of the wives and girlfriends get along so well also. We went shopping together, laughed and had a great time.

I even mentioned to H that she better be sure before they got married, because these boys come as a package deal. If you get one you get them all.

N & H are a beautiful couple with such great things ahead of them. I've loved N for a long time now; he's so special to my husband and a great guy, but it's so nice to see him so happy with such a wonderful woman. H is smart, witty and obviously very kind. I feel like we've known each other for a long time (via facebook) but getting to know her in person was even better! I am so glad we got to be a part of their beautiful, special day!

PS Sorry for lacking in pictures. Like an idiot I left my Nikon at home because my crazy, frazzled brain couldn't come up with a way to get my camera bag onto the plane with my carry on and "personal item". Of course, immediately upon landing I figured it out. So yeah, iPhone pictures it is. Also, I have not included any pictures of N&H's wedding since they are on their honeymoon and I am not sure if they are ok with it!

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