June 21, 2012

Guest Post: A Funny First Date Story

Hey There Y'all!
I'm Andie, and I blog over at Sweet. Southern. Spirited, where I like to chat about life, southern-isms, motherhood and all sorts of other fun stuff.  I am a lover of good food, taking pictures, LSU & Saints football, and most importantly, my family.   I am a new mom to my little guy Andrew, wife to my dear husband, Scott, and also fur-mom to a crazy Schnihuahua, Maggie. (and that is not a real breed, fyi- there is a story on my blog of how we determined this!)

I found Sarah's blog one day when I was blog surfing and came across her candid stories about PPD/A- right after I had battled with it myself. Fortunately, these days, life is much brighter and easier as a mom and my blog is a bit of a chronicle of this and that- some of my photography, favorite recipes, motherhood stories, fun moments, and everything in between. I hope you'll stop by sometime!
When Sarah offered me the chance to guest post, I thought about coming up with a post filled with photography tips or even maybe sharing one of my favorite recipes (i am the daughter of two full blooded Cajuns, after all). In the end, I thought it would be most fun to share the funny story about the first date between the hubster and I.  Would you believe we've been "dating" for 13 years and we'll have been married for 10 this September? It's been a while, I'd say, yet I can NEVER forget the night of our first date.

So without further ado-

How about a Funny First Date Story?

It was a warm, humid Saturday night in early May at Friar Tuck's, a popular bar in Uptown New Orleans. (which is now closed) When I met him, he was cute and funny. I'll never forget what he was wearing- and trust me-it plays into the story-he was wearing a white polo shirt, jeans, and a blue TQ Hot baseball cap. (does anyone remember that TQ Hot stuff?)

Anyway- we exchanged numbers that night, and well, he called me a few days later to see if I wanted to join him at the Cuco's Cinco de Mayo Block Party in Metairie, not too far from where he lived. I told him that I would meet him at his house (which was also his parents' house) because I didn't see any point in him driving all the way out to where I lived to turn around and go back to Metairie where the party was.
 In order to make a good impression (you never get a second chance to make a FIRST impression! - one of my favorite ad slogans) - I wore a cute sundress and high heeled brown strappy sandals. I am pretty sure my sandals were at least 3" high. (Again, there is a point to why I am laying out what I was wearing that night- you'll see) Anyway- I think I looked pretty cute.
I drove to his house and find his parents' house with no problem. I walk up to the front door and ring the door bell. As I ring the bell I see the curtains in the front window move a little and then I hear him come to the door. And he opened it. At that point, when he opened the door, I tried my best to cover my shock and smiled and said hello.
 What was the shock, you ask?

Like almost completely bald, with a little bit on the sides. (and the reason this was a shock? when I met him- he had a hat on, so I had NO IDEA!)

The first thought that popped into my head: "Oh. My. God. I'm going out with a 40 year old dude who is still in college and lives with his parents."

 Let's keep in mind, that this was a few days before my college graduation. I was actually home for week between my finals and my graduation ceremony, so I was used to young 20-22 year old frat boys and young bucks with full heads of hair!
July 1999- a few months after we started dating- he
had a small patch on top, that's it! 

(and in all fairness, I'm now on the closer side to 40, but when you're 22, doesn't 40 seem like a lifetime away?)

We left for our date and headed to Cuco's. It was a nice little party!  We chatted with the other people we were meeting there and listened to the Bag O' Donuts play (they are a popular local 80's cover band) and just hung out.
But the whole time I kept finding myself staring at his head. I mean, the fact that I was just taller than him with the 3" heels and the fact that it was sort of shiny and well, BALD, had a little bit to do with it.

So yeah, I kind of stared at his head off and on all night.

Anyway- as the night drew to a close, we headed back to his parents' house and hung out in the den and chatted a bit. Of course, me, being the outspoken person that I am, just came right out and asked him,

"Can I ask you how old you are?"

 Scott: "23"

 Me: "Let me see your license"

He hands it over to me and sure enough, he's 23.

Scott: "I lost most of my hair when I was around 20. I inherited that gene from my grandfather."

Me: "Sorry"

Scott: "No big deal. I sort of expect it now." "why are you so tall?"

Me: "I inherited it from my great uncle."

And then we kept talking. By about 11:30 pm, we called it a night and said our goodbyes- with kisses on the cheek. I thought to myself, "well, I'm not sure how attracted I am to him right now, but he's really sweet. I think we'll be friends."

and we all know what happened after that. :)

Thanks for such a great post Andie! Y'all be sure to check out her blog! She's a pretty awesome mom blog friend even if she is a LSU fan. Did I just say that out loud? Just kidding Andie, you know I think you are awesome!

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