June 23, 2012

Guest Post: A Mother of Two

I have two kids.  I'm not a first-time mommy anymore.  I'm a seasoned vet, or I'd like to think so.  When B entered the world, I was ready.  I knew what labor and delivery were like, I had experienced the physical recovery of birth, I was aware of how difficult the first few months would be, I knew it would all get better.  I felt like I understood how to handle the stages of life I had already experienced with Tyler. 

What I wasn't prepared for was how very different two kids can be.  Holy cow! 

I knew raising a girl would be different than a boy.  I knew they might have different personalities, but I guess I was assuming what worked for T would also work for B.  Ummm...not so much.

Raising B is like learning everything all over again.  Our experiences with her are completely different than they were with T.  I wasn't prepared for that...at all.  It was almost as if I had to throw my "how to parent" manual out the window. 

This doesn't even glaze the surface of the differences but, T was a difficult baby.  He cried A LOT, he was difficult to put down to bed, he refused to take a binky, he was always on the big side of the "norm" and he was on-the-go early on.  He slept on his stomach right away (I know...scold me), loved the swing, walked with a walker with gusto, could be held by anyone, learned to sign early, could never get enough milk (and still prefers it), walked at a year, and became attached to a lovey at an early age (good ole Buddy). 

B has been a very easy baby.  She can go down for naps or for the night awake, and never makes a peep.  She is OBSESSED with her binky, wants nothing to do with a lovey (hair please), is a tiny little peanut and has been from the beginning, hated the swing and preferred the vibrating chair, always wants to be held...by me, was slow-going getting moving, still isn't walking at 14 months, prefers water to milk, and was very slow to learn her baby signs but knows way more than T ever used.

They couldn't be more opposite in behaviors, sleeping patterns, hitting milestones, and eating habits...and it freaks me out. 

I had convinced myself this parenting thing would be easier the second time.  I knew what to expect, right?!  Wrong. 

It's clear to me that raising each child is a completely new experience.  They require different things, have different likes and will challenge us in very different ways, and not just because they are different genders. 

They are both, however, the lights of my life.  They will fulfill different roles in our family of four.  Although I'm nervous how many other differences there could be as I go through the stages with B that I already figured out with T, I'm excited to see what amazing things they will do in their lives.  I'm so amazed that hubs and I could make such distinctly unique individuals from our combinations of genes.  I am so blessed to be able to watch these two very different little people grow and learn.  I know I will learn a great deal from parenting my little ones, despite how differently I might have to do that.  I'm ready!   

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