June 17, 2012

To Sir, With Love

Happy Fathers Day! 

Of course to my wonderful amazing husband who is just simply the best father to our little girl. Out of all the people in the universe I am so glad that God chose you as the father of my children. To my father-in-law, thank you for unconditionally accepting me as your daughter and not just your daughter in law. I am so thankful I get to be the daughter you never had. I appreciate beyond words what an amazing Grampie you are to Evie. I cannot thank you enough for your unending patience and love. 

But to my father, my Daddy, thank you for everything you have given to me both material and immaterial. I see so much of you in me.It's more than sharing a similar top lip, the Dickens ears and the same nose. From the way I call Evie "kiddo" to playing High Five! Up High! Down Low! Too Slow!, to saying "Clear Prop!" before going anywhere and "Hot Springs!" upon arrival you have passed so much of who you are on to me. Thank you for pushing me to be and do my best and for letting me know that as long as I was and did my best that everything would fall into place. It really and truly has. You are an outstanding Grampa to my little girl and I have so loved watching you fill that role for her. Trust me, a Grampa has a very very special place in a little girl's heart, even when she's grown and nearing thirty. You will forever and always be my Daddy and I will always always be your little girl. I love you, Daddy. 

Those schoolgirl days of telling tales and biting nails are gone.
But in my mind I know they will still live on and on.
But how do you thank someone who has taken you
 from crayons to perfume?
Oh, it isn't easy but I'll try. 
If you wanted the sky I would write across the sky
 in letters that would soar a thousand feet high,
To Sir, With Love. 

*Song Lyrics by Lulu*

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