June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Giraffes!!!

I don't know if your Zoo is as cool as ours is but if it's not come visit because The Memphis Zoo is ah-mazing!

One of their newest attractions is the Giraffe Feeding Adventure. Yeah that's right you get to feed a giraffe. No big deal.
Our girl was named Marilyn and she was the oldest of all the giraffes. She hates to be touched in the face.

Chris was worried Evie would accidentally touch her in the face. I was all like, whatever, "She's a pro! She gives Rocky Top his cookie all the time! Let's do this!"

So we did, and it was incredible. We all giggled like little kids.

{Waiting on the giraffes! I left that random girl in the picture because she kept talking on her phone and telling someone that she was "such a hot mess!". Weird!}

{Miss Marilyn}

{With Daddy feeding Marilyn!}

{With Mommy feeding Marilyn!}

I can't wait to go back and do this again! We're going to buy more than one ticket because nine "bites" was not enough and I was jealous that Evie got so many!

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