July 26, 2012

2012 Beach Re-Cap & Photo Dump Part 1

*This is a long and photo heavy post!*

Like I mentioned earlier this week, we had a great time in Santa Rosa Beach, FL last week. It was Evie's first time to fly in an airplane, play in the sand, jump waves, eat crab cakes (and various other yummy beach treats) and try her hand at swimming. And? Despite my fears that Evie would be freaked out by all of the changes, my kid rolled with it and totally nailed them all.

The airplane was a way bigger deal for me than Evie. I've been flying in little (ie: six seats or less) airplane's since before I can remember. I think I was ten months old on my first flight. However, since then I've developed some real anxiety issues on take-offs. It was not fun but once we reached cruising altitude (7,000 feet) I was fine. Evie slept most of the way there and most of the way back so that was awesome! On the way back she woke up in enough time for a snack and beverage from her lovely stewardess (me).

Evie LOVES the sand. She had so much fun picking handfuls of it up and putting it in her bucket. She also LOVED when one of us would build a sand castle so she could knock it down. As was to be expected, there were more than a few grains of sand consumed (read: more like fistfuls) which she pronounced to be "Mmmm!". Although we kept her out when the waves were too rough, Evie adored the ocean too. I just knew she would! She would squeal and grin every time a wave passed under her floatie and she went up then down.
In terms of the swimming pool, Evie loved that too. After the first night splashing on the steps was not enough and baby girl would take off towards the edge and try to careen into the water. Only problem? She doesn't know how to swim. So yeah. We are definitely looking into swimming lessons, SOON.
We had a great time. It's amazing how much MORE you can do with a toddler than a three month old. Last year we didn't have nearly as many adventures. Chris and I spent maybe a total of two hours on the beach and I felt like I was tied to the house and the bottle. This year we went to the beach every single day, we had a three hour nap mid day to enjoy some time to ourselves and Evie got to enjoy some yummy sea food! We decided Big Kahuna's water park was still a little bit too old for Evie this year, but we are definitely taking her next year!
It was such a great week! Our family is never happier than when we are all together! Can't wait to go back next year!

{The first time we got to see Grampa's plane!}

{Oh, no big deal just my first time in an airplane! I'm ready to take off for the beach!}

{Family photo in the ocean!}

{Chillin' like a villian'!}

{Me, acting a fool to show Evie how fun the waves were! It worked! Oh the things we do for our kids!}

{Grinning at Nana!}

{I hate that this one is so blurry! But you can see how much she LOVED the beach!}

{Cutie! Uncle William photo bombing!}

{Family photo with a storm a' brewin'!}

{Playing with Grampa - who is now Papa - in the sand!}

{What do you mean it's nap time?}

{Sausage toes in the sand!}

{Checkin' out something!}

I'll be posting part two here shortly!

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