July 16, 2012

Guest Post: Erin from The View From 510

I am so glad to have sweet Erin here today. We've had such a fun time getting to know one another these past six months or so. Erin is pretty much awesome and so is her blog. Seriously, y'all if I had a long lost internet BFF, it would be her. We have so much in common, it's down right scary sometimes! Oh, andplusalso? She's an awesome sponsor!
So without further ado...
Hi, I'm Erin. Mama to J. Wife to B. Full-time captive of the corporate world. I fancy myself a supermom, but most days I'm just human. My life is spent ignoring laundry, wrangling in a toddler and soaking up the fleeting moments of motherhood. I've found the community of my blog is the ideal place for sharing my story, documenting our days and finding the bliss in life. For now, we're settling nicely into our home at The View From 510.  

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The Mom Curse

As a teenager, I constantly whispered prayers that I not end up like my seemingly insane mom. If it wasn't one embarrassing thing then it was another.

Example 1: 
For years I banned my mom from watching Lifetime movies because I'll be damned if she didn't wind up on that couch in a ball of tears not 30 minutes in. Every.Single.Time. Sobbing! 

A Kleenex commercial running during the Lifetime movie? You may as well have put in some ear plugs and handed her vat of tissues. One year, there was some movie TNT played on repeat and even the previews sent the woman into a tizzy.  

Every time she cried over these ridiculous moments, I left the room shaking my head in shame. 

Example 2:
There are a few things each week that my mom managed to get hooked on. It could've been a student doing something silly at school, my brother getting a crazy note from his teacher or something she saw on the news. Whatever the week brought, these stories were rehashed time after time after time. 

I could go an entire week and hear the same stories a minimum of five times. Tell a different story woman! 

Even just rehashing these examples gets my blood bubbling. These odd little habits of hers drove me nuts.

Then, I became a mother. And it happened.
All at once those insanely embarrassing moments started happening to me.

It was the day I was watching RHONJ and found myself bawling over the amazing mother that Caroline is that left me waving the white flag. I mean, really?! Really?! Who cries during RHONJ?

Then there's the stories. Yep, it's like I'm set on repeat. My current rotation goes something like this: Jackson did {fill in the blank}, my blog friend said {fill in the blank}, we got the craziest case in at work {fill in lots of blanks}. Day in, day out.

So, it's official, I have become my mother. 

Want to know a secret? It's really not so bad. Of course, I'll never admit that to her. 


Thanks for taking over for the day Erin! I'm so glad we get to be friends 51 Saturdays a year! :)

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