July 17, 2012

Guest Post: From Corporate to Domestic

Today I am lucky enough to have Natalie from From Corporate to Domestic taking over for me! Natalie is such a sweetheart. I've really enjoyed getting to know her since we "met" a few months ago. She's also a VOLS fan which automatically makes her awesome! :)


Hi everyone!  I am so excited to be over on Sarah's wonderful blog.  We met through this virtual world just a few short months ago, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her sweet family.  How could you not love those little cheeks on Evie? 

I blog over at From Corporate to Domestic about my trials and tribulations of being a SAHM.  Oh ok it's not all trials, but it sounded good right?  I left the corporate world in 2010 to stay at home with my now 20 month old son, Nolan.  In a few weeks, I will be welcoming a second boy to the world.  I am far from a "domestic diva" but I try my hand at cooking, growing my own veggies, learning to sew, and even cloth diapering.  Wow now don't I sound like a Martha Stewart?  Seriously, I am the furthest from this!

So when thinking my topic for a guest post I thought it would be an appropriate to write a list on "How You Know You Are Officially 9 Months Pregnant."

1)  You can so longer feel from the outside if your belly hits something or the fact that you might have spilled your whole meal on your belly.

2) You have not seen the underside of your belly in months let alone your toes.
3) Your legs feel like a million pounds.  If you have to go up a set of stairs, you will literally feel like you just worked out and struggle to lift your leg up each step. 
4)  Sitting or walking is not comfortable.  If you sit for too long you hurt, if you walk too long you hurt which = uncomfortable all of the time.
5) You are hungry...you want to eat so you do.  A couple of bites in, you feel full because of the huge baby taking up all the room.  Then 30 minutes later you're hungry again.  It's a vicious cycle!

6)  You use the bathroom before you leave the house, as soon as you sit in your car you feel the need to go again.  No matter how many times you go, you will still feel like you need to make another pit stop.

7) Sleeping on one side for too long can lead to hip pains and arms/legs that fall asleep due to lack of circulation.  You have to continually rotate sides as you hug that pregnancy pillow.

8)  People will continually stare at you as if you are some type of exhibit.  No matter how many pregnant people they have seen.

9) Your older child will all of sudden decide he wants to be picked up by mommy all the time.  Sorry kid I can't pick up an additional 30 lbs to what I am already carrying.

10) Last but not least---you know you are 9 months pregnant when everyone constantly asks, "Are you due next week?  Because you sure look like you are ready to pop that kid out."

Thanks Sarah so much for having me over, and I hope your readers enjoyed my list :)


Thanks Natalie! That's a great list! What about y'all do you have any others to add?

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