July 19, 2012

Guest Post: Megan from Denver Adventures

Today Megan from Denver Adventures is taking over for me while I soak up some sun and pina coladas! I'm not sure how long Megan and I have "known" each other in this mommy blogging land, but I am pretty sure in real life we'd get a long great! Megan lives in Colorful Colorado (so jealous) and totally gets my addiction to cloth diapering!


Hi, Megan here, guest posting for Sarah while she is on a vacation (totally jealous by the way). I am a stay at home mom/nanny to Leland and document our many adventures at Denver Adventures.

It is funny how when you learn what gender your baby is you automatically have some preconceived ideas on how they will turn out. A boy will be tough a girl will be sweet, when really they could be both and it has nothing to do with their gender. A part of this is girls wear pink and boys wear blue and baby clothes don't really give you much choice otherwise. When pregnant I decided to not find out the gender for many reasons, one being I didn't want tons of pink clothes or tons of blue clothes and be forever stuck with those colors.

Sometimes I catch myself sticking to the traditional gender roles with Leland, when really I should be letting him choose what he wants to play with or wear. I should just let him be himself. So while he may have some traditional boy toys (tool set, cars, etc.) and clothes (the clothes are really hard to escape but I will let him wear what he wants once he has an opinion), he also has a lot more gender neutral toys (music toys, blocks, etc.). And when given the option he will go straight for anything he can push, including a stroller, or anything animal related.

Nannying two girls has been a great eye opener for me and fun for Leland. I may have even once dressed him in a Snow White costume, I couldn't resist the urge and it was hilarious.

So I guess what I am getting at is I hope Leland doesn't feel confined to the traditional gender roles that our society likes to push onto kids (and adults) and becomes who he wants to be in life. If that happens to be a ballerina, so be it; or if it is a fireman, great. I think we can all agree we just want our kids to be happy.

Have a great day!


Thanks for taking over for the day Megan! 

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