July 6, 2012

Guest Posting at My Leilaland!

Hey y'all, remember when I introduced you to my awesome sponsor Jen from My Leilaland? Well, she's on vacation in Chicago right now so I have the privilege of guest posting for this awesome mom blog friend of mine! Y'all stop by her blog where today I'm talking about ice cream and the true mark of motherhood!
A few weekends ago we took Evie out for ice cream. She has recently discovered that frozen sweet treats are delicious and so we've been spoiling her a bit more than we should with frozen yogurt, coconut ice pops and trips to Baskin Robbins.

Once we arrived we all settled on our flavors. I picked some baseball themed flavor that had raspberry swirls & cashews on a sugar cone, Chris got butter-pecan and Evie had orange sherbet. We settled down to eat out treats. Evie was happily eating her orange sherbet when I naively offered her a bite of my cone.

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