July 27, 2012

We Went on Vacation & Used Cloth Diapers!

Last year when we went to Destin, FL for our annual beach vacation we brought a huge box of pampers swaddlers sensitive and a package of pampers swim diapers.

This was about three months before we started cloth diapering and we knew that the prices of diapers and supplies would be higher in FL so we brought them with us.

Even though we've been cloth diapering for almost a year, I considered doing that again this year. I figured we were on vacation so why worry with hauling the cloth diapers there and back. Not to mention the washing and drying and sunning, it would be far easier to buy some disposables and be done with it.
Then I remembered the commitment we made to cloth diapering and how much I really and truly love it. So from a now "experienced" on the road CD momma I'd like to share my experience and some tips, as well as things I wish I had done. All of this is assuming that you have laundry services available to you!

My first tip is to figure out the best way to pack your cloth diapers. On our weekend trips up to the lake we have been using a canvas bag to tote our diapers back and forth. At first I packed them all pre-stuffed. Then I decided that was too bulky and I started packing them in layers: the diapers first, followed by the new born inserts and then the regular inserts. (We use both the newborn and regular inserts because Evie is a heavy wetter).  While I was in FL I decided to try stuffing the diapers and then rolling them up then stacking them in the bag. This works best for us. I fit twenty one diapers easily in the bag this way.

Second, check your detergent. We brought our Rockin Green Classic Rock with us. Initially I thought about buying a few samples of Rockin Green Soft Rock, but decided against it. I wish I had gone with my gut. The water was a lot softer than I remembered. To combat any soap build-up issues I added an extra rinse to the cycle and that seemed to help a lot.

Third, figure out a drying system. We were very lucky that our house had a washer dryer unit. However with eight people sharing I didn't want to hog the dryer since we were already going to be using the washer for a considerable amount of time. Plus, I wanted to take advantage of that bright beautiful FL sunshine to sun our diapers. Since Chris and my brother drove my parents Yukon down from Tennessee/Mississippi I just loaded up our portable drying rack. Initially I considered bringing some twine and clothes pins, but since I was running out of time before we left and I didn't know the outside set up I just threw the drying rack in. It worked great, but next year will bring pins too as it tends to get windy, and I don't want to lose anything!

Fourth, don't buy swim diapers! Seriously, if you have enough in your stash don't even bother. I had planned on buying some cloth swim diapers, then decided since we use our BG 4.0 with snaps sans inserts at the lake as a swim diaper, we would use that. Then I waffled on that because I didn't want the sand in her diapers, or the chlorine from the pool. So, we used huggies swim diapers (all the store had) for the first few days. Then we noticed that Evie had a horrible rash. Her entire bum was bright bright red. It was awful. At that point I said screw it. I'm not doing this rash non-sense. We removed the regular insert and left the newborn insert in, just in case she had to pee on the walk to the beach. It worked great. I had no issues with the sand and just gave them a good rinse when we got out of the pool!

{Straight chillin' in my makeshift BG swimdiaper on the beach!}

Finally, find something to use as a diaper sprayer. Luckily this house had a hose with a sprayer outside. If I needed to I just walked over the edge of the deck, and sprayed it down to the swamp below. Sounds gross, but I figured no one goes in the swamp, a little baby poo won't matter, right?

If you cloth diaper and are trying to decide whether or not to use them on your vacation, I would encourage you to give it a try. Worst case you can run out for some sposies. It was easy and not time consuming at all. I threw the diapers in for a first wash as soon as I woke up. Then before we went to the beach (about an hour or so later) I turned on the second wash with extra rinse. After we came up for Evie's nap time I hung them to dry on the porch. Easy peasy and I only used about forty five minutes of my vacation! It was TOTALLY worth it for a rash free baby (not to mention the savings for our pocketbook)!

Let me know if y'all have any questions at all! I'll be happy to help or get you in contact with my friend Melissa who is super nice and basically a CD guru.

Evie sixteen months old. Our stash includes twenty four BumGenius OS 4.0s with snaps diapers and one Swaddlebees OS Simplex diaper (PS be on the look out for a review of this diaper and an AMAZING cloth diaper giveway from Bubbalooch {modern cloth diaper parties}! Squee!).
**Neither CottonBabies,  BumGenius, Swaddlebees or Rockin Green know I exist. I just happen to use their products and think they are awesome.**

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