July 11, 2012

Wordless Wedneday: The VOL Navy edition

You all know I completely ignore the wordless part of wordless wednesday, right? Ok. Good. Now that we've got that out of the way let's begin.
What is a VOL Navy you might ask? Well today you are in luck because I am going to let you in on one of the great SEC/ University of Tennessee traditions. Neyland Stadium backs up to the Tennessee River. At home Football games in the Fall between 200-300 boats full of VOL fans gather and dock outside of the stadium. Collectively they are called The Vol Navy. That's it; it is that simple. Blasting Rocky Top and hanging out on the water watching football? It's pretty much heaven on earth. I hope I get to experience it one day!
Now, just because you don't watch the VOLS play from your boat on the Tennessee River doesn't mean you can't be a member of The VOL Navy. My family and I are proud members of The VOL Navy (except for my parents who are Arkansas fans -- and that's a whole other "grandbaby divided" post). Chris and I searched and scoured to find a VOL Navy flag for my father-in-law to put on their boat. For two years the hunt ensued. There was nary a flag to be found, not on the interwebz or at various UT bookstores. Until Christmas of 2011 when my husband managed to find one. We ordered it immediately, and last Saturday we enjoyed its maiden voyage on their pontoon boat.
So here are a few photos from our first trip out with The VOL Navy!
{Helping Daddy drive the boat!*}

 {Teething & Swimming. What a multi-tasker!**}

{Again with the ringlets. So darn cute!}

{Pure relaxation!}


* The boat was at idle speed in a no wake zone.
** Yes, that's a beer bottle. Yes, it was empty and rinsed. She loved chewing on it though and since I didn't have another teething thing, I was ok with it. And yes, we thought it was funny so we took pictures. 

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