August 24, 2012

Blogs I Love 2.0

There have been so many fabulous posts out in blog land this week!
1) Melissa's second post on pregnancy problems. I warn you, make sure you don't have a mouthful of liquid when you read this.
2) Lacey's raw and truthful post on what it feels like to reach out for help. She's so brave, and one amazing momma to her little girl.
3) The Momma's post on how shit happens. Seriously, hilarious. Couldn't stop laughing.
4) Katherine Stone's Babble post on Post Partum Mood Disorders & Stigma. If I ever see this lady in person this post alone is enough to make me run up and give her a huge hug. I'll enjoy that moment before she calls the cops to take the crazy lady away.
5) Ashley's post about how having a girl isn't always always rainbows and unicorns. Because guess what? Girl poop smells bad too. Also, they are perfectly capable of peeing on you during a diaper change also.
Do y'all have any posts you loved this week?
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