August 17, 2012

Blogs I Love!

There have been some truly amazing blog posts out there this week. Here are some of my favorites!
1) Myn's post on her son Gavin's Star Wars Birthday Party! This has inspired me to embrace my inner geek and consider throwing Evie a Harry Potter themed birthday party, while she still doesn't have a say.
2) BlogHer conference re-cap that Mindi posted. I just kept nodding my head while I was reading it! I am sure I will refer to it this year over and over as I prepare for 2013!
3) Erin's post on how her son Jackson is growing and changing minute by minute. Our babies were one day apart so every time I see one of her posts I find myself tearing up as we are going through pretty much the same thing! Andplusalso we are BlogHer 2013 roomies & I can't wait to meet her. Only like 11 months.
4) Baby Conley's Birth Story! Congratulations Natalie on the birth of your beautiful son! Also, I am a sucker for birth stories!
5) Ashley shared these two recipes that you need in your life! I agree and I am officially making that super food salad this weekend!
So there you go! Five of my favorite posts this week from five of my favorite bloggers!
What were your favorite posts from this week? Something you wrote or something someone else wrote! Let me know in the comments! I am always looking for new stuff to read! :)
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