August 2, 2012

Growing Up & BlogHer

So in case you haven't heard there's a pretty big blog conference going on this week. Like, oh, it's the biggest in the country and the biggest of the year. It's so big that Katie Couric, Martha Stewart and President Obama are stopping to take note and to speak to these women. It's important. And, it's a big deal.

And? I'm not there. Back in late August of 2011 when I really decided to try and grow my little slice of interwebz paradise, I thought, maybe. Maybe in 2012. And here it is 2012 and I am not there. I won't say that I am not insanely jealous of all my friends who are heading out to learn, to network and to grow friendships that have become very real. I am. This year however, it wasn't in the cards. I won't be one of those bloggers who can afford to just go without sponsorship. It will take months of finding sponsors, putting myself out there and planning. I just didn't get that put in this past year. I worked on my content, my writing style and developing relationships.

And this year? Over these next twelve months I am going to continue to cultivate those things, but I am also committing to putting in the time to get myself to BlogHer 2013. Truth be told, that is a scary thing for me to say. I'm pretty outgoing, but I've got a shy streak in me. I'm scared of asking for sponsorships, of people laughing when I pitch me and my blog. I'm scared people will look at me and say why would I want you to represent my brand? I'm scared I won't get invited to any parties (because did you know that these parties are by invitation only?). I fear no one will want to sit by me, and I'll be left without a roommate even though I have good personal hygeine.

Still though, I am putting all of that aside and I am going. I will grow as a person and as a blogger.

So you'll be seeing some changes around here in the coming weeks. We're growing up. In the next few weeks I will be, with the help of my amazing designer Tiffany, installing a new design. I'm so excited about it; I am constantly checking the test URL! I've been tossing around ideas for a media kit and making sponsorships paid instead of swapping. In keeping with this, we've already made one big change. Look up at the top of your screen, y'all. We bought our own domain, and I am so excited! Our old domain still redirects here so if you've got us saved as a favorite, no worries!

I'm hoping for big things over the next twelve months!

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