August 30, 2012

Live From the Middle Ground

Otherwise titled "If You Don't Have Something Nice to Say, Don't Say It At All"
Well, y'all it has officially started. Hooray for election year 2012. Obama vs. Romney.
Now normally I try and give politics a wide berth. My blog is not about politics. It's about me, my family and some other occasional randomness.
But I feel like this needs to be said.
Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Green Party, Made Up Party, STOP BEING ASSHOLES.
Seriously, in the past week I've witnessed Democrats being called "socialist assholes", Republicans being called "stupid ignorant uneducated red-necks" and members of the Green Party being called "mother ****ing tree huggers" who are "running this country into the ground".
I take issue with all of those statements, mainly because I have really good friends and family affiliated with all three and it pisses me off when you say mean things about my friends and family.
Maybe I am in the minority here, but I think it would be far more productive to have a bit of responsible discourse rather than call each other names. Here's a thought why don't you sit down with a friend on the opposite side of the political realm. Resolve NOT to call one another names or stereotype and discuss what you believe without trying to change the other's mind. It's hard, yes. But impossible? No.
So this election year I vow not to judge you or make hateful comments based on your political affiliation. I think that would be about as dumb as making a hateful comment based on the color of your skin or your sexual orientation.
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