August 28, 2012

On Having an "Easy" Child

I've had this post drafted in my head for months now, but I've never gotten up the nerve to post it because I don't want it to seem like I am bragging and invoke the wrath of the karma gods.
Do you hear me Karma gods? Not. Bragging.
We've heard it more times than we can count, from friends, family and strangers alike, "She's such a good baby!"
What irritates me though is when people tell me that we are lucky. That we got lucky in having such an easy baby. That we got lucky because she is a girl, and girls are just easier
To some degree, heck yes. We are lucky! We are so lucky to have Evie as our daughter; we are blessed beyond what I can comprehend.
On the other hand, my kid is well-behaved, because Chris and I parent her and set firm boundaries. We still haven't wavered on our iPhone policy, bedtime is enforced in our household and certain things are just off limits to baby hands. We have rules and even at seventeen months she is expected to obey them. We require her to clean up her toys and if she drops something on the ground she knows she must pick it up and put it away. We don't allow her to play with her food, and we don't allow her to throw things inside the house. We've always parented with the mantra "begin as you intend to go on". So we've never waited or hesitated to instruct Evie on what she should be doing or setting boundaries.
So yeah it kind of burns my biscuits when people tell us we are just lucky or that it's just because Evie's a girl. I am sure that it is a combination of Evie's personality and how we parent her. But to just brush it off and say we are simply lucky, discounts all the hard work that the three of us have put in to make this all work.
So what do you think nature or nurture? Or like me a combination?
*Also, y'all I'm not saying we are perfect parents and we certainly don't think we have found the secret to parenthood. However, I will say that we have found what has worked for our family and I think we are rocking it.*
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