August 21, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday: Baby Things We Can't Live Without

It is honestly hard for me to remember the first few months of Evie's life. They were a blur of crying and sleepless nights. Looking back her father and I can't believe how much stuff and time a baby takes compared to a toddler.
There were a few things that I am sure we would not have made it through the first six months without!
1) Snugabunny Swing. Say it with me, snug-a-bunny swing. For serious. This little gem made all the difference in the world. Evie napped in this swing probably until she was eight months old. When she was a little and in tons of GI distress this swing must've helped settle her stomach because it could always calm her down. My parents discovered this swing when Evie was about 3 weeks old and when they saw how awesome it was bought one for us too.
2) Boppy Pillow. Not for the reasons that you would think. This made feeding so much easier while I was recovering from a c-section. I could use it to prop Evie on, or as a back pillow for me (I could not recline without excruciating pain). Not to mention that with the insane amounts of percocet and oxycontin running through my body, it allowed me to actually hold my child after she was released from NICU.

3) Whale of a Tub. From about two weeks old Evie has loved her bath. In the first three months I can't count how many days she had three or more "baths". Sometimes I would bring it out to the deck in the shade, haul buckets of warm water outside and let her soak while I got some vitamin D. This tub also lasted us until Evie was about seven months old which made me glad we chose to put it on our registry.
4) Bum Genius 4.0 OS Pocket Diapers. Seriously, because before we started using these Evie was wetting through her diapers 90% of the time overnight. Now that we've switched, I can count on one hand how many times we've had a leak or poo-splosian.

5) Summer Infant SwaddleMe Wraps. These wraps made such a difference for us. Evie has never been a still or cuddly baby. She would wake herself up thrashing about all the time. We used these until Evie was about four months old, then she got strong enough to bust out of them and she decided she wanted to sleep on her stomach. I liked that they came in different fabric weights and how easy they were to use.

What about you? Do you have a list of favorite baby things? Come link them up with Melissa at Growing Up Geeky for Toddle Along Tuesday!

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