September 26, 2012

Are We Overthinking It?

Last week I posted about being unsure of where I stand as mother. And most of you were right out there with me, just kind of figuring it out as you went a long. And I appreciate all of your support and solidarity. It helps to hear I am in good company.
But the fact that I felt the need to write about it at all made me wonder, are we overthinking it?
Has motherhood become more about defining yourself as a certain style of mom and researching every last detail to the nth degree that we've forgotten how to trust our instincts and go with our guts?
Have we become so caught up in whatever side we take on the mommy wars that we've forgotten that the bottom line is raising happy healthy little humans? Have become more concerned with making the absolute right decision as mothers that we've lost sight of the fact that motherhood requires the ultimate flexibility? Why do we feel guilty when using our God given hearts and heads goes against what a certain book or philosophy says?
I going to try and stop doing that. Overthinking that is, and questioning myself every time I do anything. I'm trusting my instincts a little more and realize at the end of the day if we have a happy child who is fed, safe and loved we've done a good job.
What do you think? Do you think I am overthinking about overthinking?
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