September 14, 2012

Blogs I Love 3.0

I took a few weeks off but now I am back with blogs I have loved this week!
1) Andie's post on writing about imperfect days and not just the picture perfect ones. It's a great reminder to be real as a blogger!
2) Baby Evelyn Dawn's nursery reveal over on The Halbert Homestead. She's one lucky little girl!
3) Delicious sounding Cajun Potato Salad from Kat at Living Like The Kings.
4) Jen's post on how it's never too late to change behaviors. It's a great reminder that we as mothers and our children are always evolving.
5) Sarah's post on what it's like to be afraid of what you already know. If you've had one baby and are pregnant or thinking about trying for another this post will resonate with you!
So that is it for this week y'all! What have your favorite posts for the week been?
{Thanks for voting daily! I appreciate it!}
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