September 28, 2012

In Which We Win Redneck Parents of the Year

I'd like to tell you a story about how Chris and I have won redneck parents of the year.
A few weeks ago Chris came across a YouTube video by an artist called Big Smo. The title of his song is "Kickin' It in Tennessee". It's not some sweet little ditty a la Kenny Chesney and "Back Where I Come From". No. It's a bunch redneck white boys rapping, about living in Tennessee and eating "two dollar pig steak". On one level, it is completely hilarious and then on another I now know why people think what they do about Tennessee.
A few nights later Evie was fussing as we were putting on her pajamas. Usually some music will calm her right now. I asked Chris to put some on. When he pulled up YouTube, guess what was still there? You betcha. Kickin' It in Tennessee. So he played it as a joke.
Well it looks like the joke's on us. Evie loved it. After I got her dressed she was bobbing her head, dancing and waving her arms all around. Almost every single night since then she's listened to it. She literally squeals in delight when she hears the opening notes. So each night she dances and laughs and I shake my head at the whole scene.
So instead of Rock A Bye Baby, my kid's lullaby has lyrics that describe a girl as "fine as a frog hair split four ways". Yeah. I can't make this kind of stuff up.
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