September 11, 2012

My Ex-Friend Violet

Between us and and the grandparents we've spent a ton of money on the latest and greatest toys for Evie. This weekend after we (finally) pulled Evie's My Pal Violet out (it was a Christmas present) I realized that we probably didn't need to spend all that money. While some babies absolutely love the Violet or Scout puppies Evie was all, "Meh. I have real puppies to hug!" She has barely looked at the thing since. Oh well.

On the whole Evie would rather play with:

1) Her Dogs. She loves to give them hugs and kisses and to chase them around.

2) A mixing bowl and a wooden spoon. She likes to help momma cook dinner.

3) Random things she finds so much fun in!

Exhibit A: An empty Mountain Dew one of the construction crew left behind at my in-laws house! What is more fun than an empty crinkly plastic bottle?
Exhibit B: The ice (and only the ice, we are laid back parents but there is a line people) from the beer cooler at her Uncle JJ's birthday party on Saturday. She and Leo (her future hubby/ our Godson) had an absolute BALL playing with the ice! I'm not sure what the game was but they thought it was hilarious!

Do your little ones have an unconventional toys or games they like? Come share with Melissa at Growing Up Geeky for Toddle Along Tuesday!

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